We are Zeke 37

Zeke 37 is Salem's student ministry. It is open to all young people from 6th grade (or 12 years old) through high school.

But what's up with the name? Glad you asked! It comes from chapter 37 of Ezekiel's prophecies. It is a story of an ordinary guy, a pile of bones, and a question: Can dead things live again? Everywhere we turn in our broken world, we face that same question. But as Zeke found out, the answer is yes! And just like him, we are carrying a message of hope to our generation.

At Zeke 37, we believe:

- In second chances. Nobody is a lost cause.

- In the impossible. Nothing is too hard for God.

- In our purpose. God uses ordinary people for extraordinary things.

Want the full story? Click here to read it. Or click here to watch it.

What's happening?

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